If you’re into fresh local food and produce- Tacoma has 4 farmers markets to meet your needs on four different days of the week.  Check out our list of the Tacoma Farmers Markets below:

Broadway Market THURSDAYS- Held in Downtown Tacoma between 9th & 11th Street on Broadway- this is one of the largest markets around. Held on Thursdays 10:30-4pm May5th – October 27th 2011, this market is a great place to get local food, produce, and crafts. In addition, there is live music and many local restaurants selling food. This is a great place to stock up on your produce for the week and grab lunch!

6th Ave Market- TUESDAYS -Tacoma’s 6th Ave is one of the area’s most thriving business districts, so the success of their Tuesday market has come as no surprise.  Located off 6th Avenue on Pine Street, The 6th Ave Farmer’s Market runs from 3pm-7pm May 3rd to September 27th. The time is designed so that people can swing by the market on their way home from work!

South Tacoma SUNDAYS – The South Tacoma Farmer’s Market is the newest addition to the Tacoma Farmer’s Markets. It will run Sundats June 5th-September 25th 2011 from 11am-3pm.  This is very convenient for people who work during the week!

Proctor Farmers Market- SATURDAYS- The Proctor Farmers Market runs March 26th – November 19th 2011 from 9am-2pm.  They hold it on North 27th & Proctor.  Proctor is such a great walkable neighborhood anyways, visiting this market is a pleasure.

No matter what your schedule, with four farmers markets on four different days, Tacoma Farmer’s Markets have something for everyone.  Also, if you’re up for the drive, consider checking out the Puyallup Farmer’s Market!









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