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If you’re looking for something fun and different to do in Downtown Tacoma, try the Frost Park Chalk Off! Each Friday people from all over Tacoma Converge on  Tacoma’s Frost Park on 9th & Commerce to create amazing chalk art (or just regular chalk art) and compete for prizes offered by local sponsors.

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Back in Winter of 2008, the City of Tacoma was considering fencing off Frost Park because it was being misused by unsavory characters.  A group of local citizens and bloggers conceived of the idea of having lunch breaks in the park This eventually led to the idea of incorporating chalk art and a competition. The chalk art is photographed at the end of lunch and posted to FeedTacoma where everyone votes on the winner.

The art runs the gamut from enjoyably amateurish to incredibly professional. There are political cartoons, portraits, landscapes, and mythical creatures.  Local bloggers Erik Bjornsen and Kevin Freitas have regular posts about the art here and here. Whether you’re just looking for something new and interesting to do on your lunch break, somewhere fun to take the kids, or you’re ready to throw down with your artistic chalk art skills, you should check out the Frost Park Chalk Off Friday’s at Noon in Frost Park.


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  1. You can vote for your favorite chalk piece each Friday from 1:00 p.m. to midnight here:

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