Tacoma’s 6th Avenue is one of Tacoma’s most thriving business districts. To the north is North Tacoma and Puget Sound University.  On the south side is Central Tacoma, a neighborhood that people seem to forget about.  This could be because it is a little hard to define. The Central Neighborhood Council represents Central Tacoma, but also Hilltop, which is closer to Downtown Tacoma and has a different flavor.


“I would say this neighborhood is between about Orchard and Pine – 6thavenue to S 19th Street.” says local Realtor Regina Madiera Gorden. “I like to call this the “South Part of the North End”  Because many of the homes are remnicent of the architecture and neighborhood dynamics of Tacoma’s North End.  The amenites on 6th avenue, nearby schools and universities, and access to freeways are all the same as the North End but the price for a home is less per square foot – every time!”

This proximity to the North End and 6th Avenue, as well as the attractive prices mean that the secret of Central Tacoma is starting to get out.  Historic homes on quiet tree lined streets can be found for tens of thousands less than similar homes in the area, and this has meant that even in this difficult market, homes in Central Tacoma have been selling well.

“Central Tacoma has so much to offer people who live here.” says Regina. “In addition to 6th Ave, Snake Lake nature center and trails are nearby.  There is some great retail and coffee shops on S. 12th such as Mandolin Café which features live music and Flippin out Burgers.

To give you an idea of how affordable Central Tacoma can be, Regina currently has a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house listed 4 blocks from 6th Avenue for $210,000.  You can see pictures of the house here or contact us for more information.


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