Only in it’s 2nd year, the Downtown Tacoma Block party is already one of the area’s most beloved neighborhood organized events.  Held in Opera Alley in Downtown Tacoma on August 20th from 5pm-10pm the event offers a huge variety of ways for kids and adults alike to enjoy the party, participate in community arts projects, engage with their neighbors, and just generally have a fantastic time.

Here is a list of activities from the Downtown Block Party Website:

  • Beer Garden
  • Music Stage
  • End-of-night D.J. Dance Party (8-10pm)
  • Interactive Art
  • Create a Colorful Dance
  • Love Color Photo Project
  • Photobooth (costumes and cutouts)
  • Streetscape Mural
  • Fab 5 Interactive
  • One-Stroke Canvas
  • Chalk Drawing
  • Silhouette Mural
  • All-Ages Crafts Activities
  • Learning Sprout Craft
  • Kaela’s Kid Craft
  • Recycled Streamers Craft
  • Coffee Can Drums
  • Downtown Dirt Pots
  • Kinesthetic Activities
  • Wall ball
  • Four Square
  • Hop Scotch
  • Jump Rope
  • Demonstrations
  • Pole Dance Demo (kid friendly)
  • Time Lapse Video
  • Fab 5 Mural
  • Julian Live Painting
  • Duct Tape Art Design Installation
  • Mad Hat Tea Co. Lounge
  • Weekly Volcano Meditation Booth
  • Info Booth
  • New Tacoma Neighborhood Council Booth
  • Board Game Table

Opera Alley is located just of 7th and St. Helens in Downtown Tacoma and is about 15 minutes from JBLM.  For more information on the Downtown Tacoma Block Party 2011 visit their website here.


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