JBLM Neighborhoods: Tacoma — 17 August 2011

View from 2314 N 31st Street

In the 1860’s the Old Town neighborhood of Tacoma was founded by a pioneer named Job Carr.  The incredible sight of the high hill diving in to the waters of Puget Sound inspired him to found Tacoma in the area we now call Old Town.  That same incredible view of Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier is what has continued to draw people to move to Old Town to this day.

“In addition to the incredible views, Old Town has Ruston Way.” says Shannon Bell-Peterson, an Old Town Realtor. “People love walking to Old Town for coffee or dinner, then taking a long walk along the Ruston Way Waterfront.”  Ruston Way, with it’s two miles of paved waterfront pathways, picnic tables, and fishing pier is at the heart of the Old Town Tacoma neighborhood.

Amazing Views, Why People Love Old Town

While people might define the borders of Old Town differently, Shannon Bell-Peterson thinks of Old Town as roughly the area between Ruston Way and North 21st and McCarver and Alder.  “My favorite things about the Old Town neighborhood are the views, the privacy, and how close you are to everything- from Ruston Way to the Tacoma Lawn and Tennis Club.”

Old Town has weathered the downturn better than many neighborhoods in Tacoma retaining a average sale price far above the Pierce County average.  The average sales price for a home in Old Town is $425,000 – almost twice that of the average Pierce County homes.

For an example of the incredible views from the homes in Old Town, check out this home Shannon has for sale on 2918 North 33rd Street.  For more information about this home, contact Shannon!



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