We know as well as anyone else that if you’re looking for an affordable housing anywhere near JBLM, the search can be frustrating.  Googling phrases like “Fort Lewis Homes for Sale” or “JBLM Houses for Sale” mostly delivers a bunch of spam.  For this reason, we thought we would do a post all about the affordable homes around JBLM- and we’re getting specific.

Did you know that right now there are 425 homes for sale under $120,000 within 10 miles of the McChord’s main gate? That is not a typo people.  Sure, many of these homes are fixer uppers and the quality certainly varies by location- but some of them are absolute gems and completely affordable.  “There is a balance between making the monthly payment affordable and finding a cheaper house that doesn’t need a ton of work,” Says local Real Estate agent Corey Matney. “I’m seeing homes in the 100k-120k range pretty livable lately!” Some, like the property below, even boast a 2 car garage:

Local Real Estate agent Leroy Smith has also seen an uptick in affordable and financeable homes for sale near JBLM.  “Investors are buying homes in bad condition and remodeling them for sale to people wanting a home that is ready to go!” He says.  He has a client that has done exactly that, and has the following home for listed for sale- with VA Financing available:

The bottom line is, with 425 homes for sale under $120,000 near JBLM, finding an affordable home near JBLM is easier than it has been in years.  Different neighborhoods have different benefits, but  “Even close to the base there are lakes and parks open to the public,” says Leroy Smith. “Boating, swimming, and picnicking are just a few of the activities.”

If you would like to take a look at one of the homes featured above or receive a list of homes near JBLM under $120,000 please contact us.


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