For better or for worse, the days of finding an apartment to rent or a house to buy in the back of your local paper are long gone.  When the time comes to start searching for housing around JBLM, that search will be best carried out online.  That said, the internet is crowded with websites that lure you in with “homes for rent” or “homes for sale” that are only trying to capture your information to sell to real estate agents, property managers, and who knows who else.

Here are some great sites for doing your own research:

For Home Buyers:

If your next step is purchasing a home, there are actually a few steps to take before going out looking at houses.  First, read our article on How to Use Your VA to Buy a House in Pierce County.  If you’re considering purchasing a condo, make sure you know the ins and outs.

Since this blog is a service of Windermere Professional Partners, we would of course like to recommend our own JBLM Home Search Tool.  It defaults to the area closest to McChord, but can also be structured to search by neighborhood, city, district, or however you like.

Once you have found a house you like you can research the neighborhood here, and research the Pierce County public records on the property here.

For Renters:

If you’re not ready to buy there are lots of great rental search tools out there for you that aren’t full of spam or limited to paying customers. Many people are inclined to head straight to Craigslist, but it can be a disorganized jumble- especially if you are unfamiliar with the neighborhoods.

To bring a little order to your Craigslist search, check out Padmapper.  They will let you see exactly where the rental listing is, sort by price and size, and get a feel for the big picture. Once you’ve tracked down a few that you like you can research the neighborhood crime on the heatmap and narrow your selections down to a few you want to see.

If you’re new to Washington State, you might want to take the time to familiarize yourself with Washington State Landlord Tenant Law.  While technically a service for Seattle residents, the Seattle Tenants Union is a great resource.

Again, this blog is a service of Windermere Professional Partners, and if you found this information helpful and are looking to buy a we would love to help you find your next home.  Contact us today!



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