The blue line is homes for sale near JBLM, the red line is homes that are under contract.

Whether you’re stationed at JBLM and living on or off base or about to PCS here, you’re probably curious about what is going on with JBLM Real Estate prices. JBLM Real Estate has been continuing its steady recovery. For the purposes of this post, we’re including Lakewood, Dupont, Steilacoom, and Tillicum in the area we’re reporting on.  Looking at the chart above, you can see how just in the past year, the number of pending sales (homes that are under contract) has held steady at about 100 pending at any given time, while the number of homes for sale near JBLM continues to decline. The median home price near JBLM is $188,000.

What this means for folks PCSing to JBLM or thinking of moving off base, is that there are fewer homes on the market to view. What it means for sellers is that if you have a good home that is priced correctly for its location and condition it should sell in a reasonable amount of time. In the past year 393 homes have sold in Lakewood, Dupont, Steilacoom, and Tillicum. Of those 137 were bank owned homes and 60 were short sales. There are currently 393 homes for sale in Pierce County, of those only 12 are bank owned and 52 are short sales.  What this means for buyers is that when you’re looking at homes for sale in Pierce County about 1 in 6 of the homes you look at will be short sales or will be owned by banks that have foreclosed, which may require more patience than fair market sales.

If you’re interested in finding a home for sale near JBLM, contact us! We’d love to help.


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